Naim Audio UnitiLite All-In-One CD Player, Bluetooth, Network Streamer & Amplifier - trade-in unit and comes with 6 months warranty


Put a high-end CD player, a surprisingly powerful 50 watts per channel power amplifier & high resolution streaming together and you have the Naim UnitiLite all in one music player.

All of Naim's engineering know-how has been poured into the Uniti Lite's design to form a superb sounding, musically satisfying one-box system that gives a hi-fi separates system a very close run for its money.

As you would expect, in addition to the infra-red remote control supplied, the UnitiLite may be controlled by the Naim n-stream app.

Internet connection for streaming functionality can be achieved by either connecting a network cable between the Ethernet socket on the rear panel of the UnitiLite and your broadband router/ switch, or simply using the wireless aerial to connect to your network via WiFi. As the UnitiLite is a Universal plug and play device, once it is connected to your network it dynamically allocates its own IP address, and makes itself known to other UPnP devices on your network, such as NAS drives, PC's, Macs, Apple TV etc.

In terms of digital music file types supported, you'll be pleased to know that all of the highest quality formats are present, including Apple lossless, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, AAc and MP3.

Connectivity to the rest of your music system has also been well thought out - there are five digital inputs in total, two optical, two coaxial s/pdif and a USB enabling you to connect your iDevice using the standard white iPod cable, or a USB stick, plus Bluetooth. You could connect your set-top box, or a laptop, or a gaming console for example. Analogue sources are not forgotten either, so if you have a vinyl turntable, TV or other music sources, plug them into either of the two analogue inputs on the rear panel. A front-panel 3.5mm stereo jack socket also counts as an analogue input to connect to mobile devices, such as an Android Smartphone. A rear-panel ground lift switch overcomes any hum issues arising from small ground currents circulating between the UnitiLite and the 3rd party source. Should you ever wish to upgrade to more output power, the pre-amp output socket allows you to add any Naim power amplifier.

Naim UnitiLite - trade-in