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How We Started


With ambition! Being a music fan for ever, which led me to wanting good music in my home. With most good music systems coming from down south we set out to bring the best high end audio up north. We have a showroom and demo room in Inverness along with a larger demo room at our sound barn.  Highland Hi Fi aim to fill your house with good music.


Why Highland Hi Fi?


All our brands are carefully chosen for their production of high quality award winning audio equipment. Come to our shop and listen to your desired equipment, using your favourite music. Give us a call or drop us an email, we are happy to help you with your Hi Fi adventure. From turntable separate systems to all-in-one single box multiroom solutions and home cinema. We can cater for all your home audio needs. We are also your local hub for any Naim and Sim Audio service or upgrade.

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